About Algae Blooms

People can report sighting of blue-green algae blooms to the MPCA (Mn. Pollution Control Agency) by calling 651-757-2822 or email algae.mpca@state.mn.us. They will ask for the location and an electronic photo to investigate and test further.

Blue-green algae thrive off of calm sunny hot conditions. Blooms can really take hold and persist when there’s not any cloud cover or rain to break the cycle. Low water levels and lack of rain helps the water heat up even faster.

Blue-green algae is really a type of bacteria called cyanobacteria. Blooms have a thick, cloudy appearance that can look like spilled green paint/pea soup. Some species contain toxins that sicken humans and can be deadly to dogs and other animals.

Avoid swimming or allowing pets in water with blue-green algae. Rinse off immediately after coming into contact with a bloom.

Nutrients such as phosphorus that run off lawns and farm fields can help feed algae blooms.

Take the challenge to do everything you can do to prevent greening of the lake.