Lake Washington Improvement Association Committee's

Any residents who wish to participate in one or more of these committee activities are requested to contact the chairman of the committee or to attend one of the LWIA board meetings on the third Tuesday of each month and request to be added to the committee roster.

Gambling Committee

Chair: OPEN

Gary Gavin, Roger Huettl, Trisha Duncan, Jim Folden, Harlan Mehlhop

Gambling Staff: John Lamm, Kathy Frauenholtz

These committee members review the receipts from each charitable gambling facility as provided by the Gambling Manger. The committee members sign the checks that will be sent to selected recipients of the proceeds from pull tabs and provide support to the gambling manager as necessary.

Investment and Finance Committee

Chair, Gary Gavin

Members: Trisha Duncan

Water Quality Committee

Chair, Jim Folden

Lee Daby, Harlan Mehlhop, Harlan Bloomer, Jason Femrite, Karen Wright, Larry Maruska, Mike Pruett. Joel Prybylla

Committee Members monitor Lake Washington's Lake and stream water in order to identity new and existing problems, track water quality trends and assess the effectiveness of water management decisions.

Communications Committee

Chair: Trisha Duncan

Members - Dan Sachau

These committee members provide inputs and publish the WAVES Newsletter, and this committee publishes the yearly Lake Directory listing all residents of the lake. Residents are requested to provide suggested topics for the newsletters, or to provide short items for publication in the newsletter. This committee is also responsible to periodically arrange for speakers to present topics to the board.

Aquatic Invasive Species Committee

Chair; Brenda Hennick

Members - Lee Daby

Fundraising Committee 

Chair: Dan Sachau

Members: Mike Pruett, Spencer Bradley, Gary Gavin, Brenda Hennick

Lake Washington Sewer Board

The Lake Washington sewer system is not controlled by the Lake Association. The sewer board meets on the second Monday of each month 7:00 PM Mankato Airport.

Attend a meeting with your questions or email

The sewer board website is located at

Sewer questions call Jim Deike at 507-345-3354

Sewer problems emergency 507-995-7806

After hours sewer emergency 507- 345- 0187


  • Chairman: Bob Schmillen 507-380-2323
  • Vice Chair: Paul Aukes 507-381-2806
  • Treasurer: Jim Halbur 507-317-2353
  • Assistant to the Treasurer: Sarah Kloss 507-317-0646
  • Secretary: James Deike 507-345-3354
  • Board Member: Tom Dougan 507-317-0311
  • Board Member: Randy Westman 507-243-3411

Government Meetings

The Kasota Township Board

Clerk - Darren Barfknecht 507-382-2408

The Kasota Township Board meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Kasota Town Hall.

The LeSueur County Board

The LeSueur County Board Meets Tuesday every week at 9:30 am at the LeCenter court house. Meetings can be canceled if no important business.

Washington Township Board

Clerk - Susan Zebarth 507-317-3927

The Washington Township Board meets every second Monday each month 7:00 PM at the Marysburg Town Hall.